Church Services

Regular Sunday Services:


1st Sunday:          11.00am Holy Communion


2nd Sunday:        8.00am Holy Communion


3rd Sunday:         11.00am Morning Worship


4th Sunday:          11.00am Family Service


5th Sunday:          United Service (details vary)

Below are the details of our regular Sunday services at St John the Baptist Church. Everyone is welcome to attend, so please feel free to come along. You can attend our Holy Communion Services even if you haven't been confirmed; blessings can be given to non-communicants if required, instead of receiving Communion.

Church noticeboard

Family Services

Our Family Services are held at St John the Baptist Church every 4th Sunday of the month at 11am and are relaxed and informal gatherings, led by friendly female church members (all mothers/grandmothers themselves), specifically aimed at a younger audience. Each Sunday has a relevant and interesting theme with readings, songs and activites designed to engage both children and adults. Part of the service sees the congregation being split, with children undertaking a relevant activity in the church, while the adults have the opportunity to gather in the porch for a cup of tea and a discussion of the topics raised during the service. Everyone is welcome to attend these services, no matter what your age and there is always plenty of tea and coffee, squash or juice for the little ones, and biscuits for all! If you would like to find out more, feel free to pop along to any Family Service, or you can email for further information.

Prayer List

If you know of someone in the parish suffering ill health who would like to be added to the list and be prayed for during Church services, please contact either of the Churchwardens Jane Sivers or Morris Stancer. (Please ensure that we are informed as soon as possible following their return to health).


If you are interested in being prepared for Confirmation, please contact Jane Sivers on 01406 331 330 or email for more information.